Luxury Vehicles Challenge

luxury vehicles challenge Sports cars speak the attitude that they possess. They are not like mere cars whose presence can be ignored. They captivate the eyes of those who see them. They imply that thrill and enjoyment van be expected when their hands are those that control the wheel. There is, however, a common thought that seems to run through almost all of the outlooks on the meaning of "sports car." If a car is designed with high performance or race-like capabilities in mind, it can probably be safely termed a sports car. Some purists may balk at such a liberal perspective, but alternative definitions fall far short of accurately distinguishing sports cars form regular production models.

For the rich and famous it seems to be a statement of success when they own the very expensive fast and super cars. These fast, super cars will usually be found in areas such as Hollywood, Las Vegas, or New York since these are the places where the rich and famous usually work and live. In other countries you might find royalty and upper members of government sporting these cars but few members of the working class will ever have the money to buy one.

Here is the snapshot of the most demanded luxury car representatives:

  • Bugatti Veyron 16.4 is an exotic sports car. Without seeing one in person, it's a little hard to judge the car's size, but in terms of dimensions the Veyron is actually a little bit shorter in length than a Porsche 911. To help reduce weight, carbon fiber and aluminum have been extensively utilized for the car's bodywork and structure, though the Veyron still checks in at close to 4,500 pounds. According to those who've had the pleasure of seat time, the Bugatti Veyron is a relatively easy car to drive.
  • Audi R8 is one of the most capable sports cars in the world, and it's now available with your choice of V8 or V10 power. Even with the least desirable powertrain 420-horsepower V8 coupled with the "R tronic" manual transmission, the R8 is one of the most scintillating sports cars on the planet. The 2010 Audi R8 rides firmly despite its semi-active magnetic suspension, and road noise is pronounced relative to most other Audis.
  • Ferrari F430 sports car is available as a coupe or Spider convertible. Despite its performance orientation, most modern conveniences come standard -- including keyless entry, auto-dimming mirrors, automatic dual-zone climate control and MP3-capable audio. The F430's standard 19-inch wheels available at wear different sizes of rubber front-to-rear for enhanced stickiness. And the F430 can also be customized through a long list of options, including competition wheels, race-oriented ceramic brakes, racing seats, carbon-fiber interior trim, fitted luggage, and special paint and leather colors.
  • Aston Martin DBS is a modified version of Aston's already highly desirable DB9. Like Daniel Craig's muscular, tuxedo-clad Bond, the DBS is strikingly handsome, yet its bulging fenders and more chiseled fascia give the impression that it can kick your teeth in if you challenge it. It also makes gloriously intimidating sounds. Press the sapphire crystal key fob into its dashboard slot and listen with glee as the engine spins and roars to life, like the crack of a whip engaging an avalanche.
  • Porsche 911 received a refresh for 2009. Porsche upgraded the engines, introduced a new dual-clutch automated manual transmission (known as PDK), improved the electronics interface and added a slew of new car accessories, including a hill holder, ventilated seats, Bluetooth and an iPod interface. The suspension was made a bit more compliant as well. Any one of these Porsche 911s will provide plenty of thrilling performance and should prove to be fairly reliable, though as expected, maintenance is pricey.

All vehicles are fast and worth the money spent for their purchase. But frequently, people want to find out, which model is the fastest, deriving pleasure from the thrilling feel of speed. Our site is devoted to the challenges of the exotic cars, which are usually held of tracks or even on the streets. Here you will find videos of drags between various super cars, with their specs and additional info. The whole project is made just for fun. Hope you will get pleased being at Socal Speed Zone, watching videos with the most expensive cars of the present day market.